3 Reasons Why You Need a Lymphatic Drainage Massage if You Have a Hectic Lifestyle

Calling all you high-powered ladies who are running on crazy packed work and social schedules! If you only have time for one massage this weekend, we recommend a lymphatic drainage massage. While traditional Thai or Swedish deep tissue or aromatherapy massages are no doubt great for massaging away those muscle aches and knots, nothing comes close to a lymphatic drainage massage for detoxing and relaxing.

Specially targeted at facilitating the circulation of lymph in the lymph system, a lymphatic massage comprises soft soothing strokes targeted at the lymph nodes to encourage the smooth flow of lymph for optimal removal of stagnated waste products. Check out our previous blog post here for a quick guide on why this particular massage is so important for your body’s detoxing functions.

Here are 3 very good reasons why those who are always harried and stressed out will love a lymphatic drainage massage.

1) The light strokes of the massage is a great relaxant

This massage is performed with an extremely light hand – no pounding, thumping or heavy kneading in this massage. The therapist will gently rub at the lymph nodes to release blockages from accumulated lymph that pools in the nodes. The soft strokes of the massage performed in a specific direction at different nodes will encourage the lymph fluid to flow smoothly so that toxins can drain.

Also, the rhythmic motions of gentle strokes, applied in conjunction with deep breathing techniques, will prove to be extremely relaxing for those who are always harried and over-stretched mentally. Many people who go for a Lymphatic Drainage massage are actually lulled into a relaxing slumber by the repetitive and soft massage strokes performed at the lymph nodes on the neck, arms and legs.

2) The massage strengthens the immune system

People who are stressed out often find themselves hit by a double whammy of mental stress and physical illness. When this happens, it is more than just bad luck. Stress has been scientifically proven to have a direct causal link to physical ailments – so you are not imagining it when you notice your body being wracked by illness whenever you are facing the most stressful periods at work.

For this reason, Lymphatic Drainage Massage is an excellent choice for those who constantly face a lot of stress on a day-to-day basis, as the massage will provide a much welcomed boost to your immunity. By manually stimulating the flow of lymph through the vessels and nodes to ensure toxins are carried out and away from the body, the immune system is clean and hence able to be in tip-top shape and help you fight off bugs.

3) The detoxing effects of the massage will provide an energy boost days after the massage

All the accumulated toxins in your body are bound to weigh you down, no matter how clean you eat or how much you exercise. The massage’s main goal is to help your body remove its waste efficiently by stimulating the flow of lymph fluid in vessels and through the nodes. Toxin-rich lymph fluid that stagnates in the body will have long-term negative effects on you, one of which includes a discernible lack of energy.

That is why the massage often leaves people feeling energised and revitalised in the days after, since the elimination of toxins from the smooth flow of the lymph fluid will have a positive effect in the form of an energy boost. For all you stressed out ladies, we know this sounds awesome!

Cheryl W’s philosophy is more than just about weight loss – we advocate healthy living and all-round wellness. Which is why we recommend our Lymphatic Drainage treatments for you busy ladies. We’ve got a few treatments that focus on the lymphatic system, cos we know how important it is to keep our bodies feeling and looking good. Take good care of yourselves starting from your health!

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