Cheryl’s Pregnancy Journey

Hey guys! This is a very personal shout out and a big thank you to you for supporting Cheryl W and our blog! Since the inception of Cheryl W and our blog, I’ve been working closely behind-the-scenes with our editorial team to curate meaningful articles for you. But I’ve yet to write one personally, which is something that I’ve been meaning to do. You might ask, why start now then?

I’ve been caught up in the daily operations of the business, juggling work, shoots, projects and everything in between previously. What little free time I had was spent zoning out being a couch potato to catch up on my breath, and I could not muster enough time nor energy to continue with my own personal blog space. With this pregnancy, though I’m still actively at work, I’ve learned to pace myself and rest a little bit more at home. However, I can’t sit still and twiddle my fingers so I decided now is the best time to catch up on something that I miss doing a lot — writing.

I’ll like to use this opportunity to pen this special journey down to share with you. It will also be a great way for me to learn from you and get tips on pregnancy and motherhood that you might have so please feel free to share your comments here! I’ll love this to be a community for mummies and mummies-to-be to come together to share, laugh, ask and grow.

You’ll expect a post from yours truly regularly, which will be a series of videos and vlogs about things close to my heart. Do feel free to drop just to say hi and embark on this journey with me. Once again, thank you and lots of kisses for your support and making this journey with us! xoxo Cheryl Wee



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