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We believe beauty comes from within.

Radiant Series

The Radiant Series helps keep pesky pimples and breakouts away during the detox process. The skin, being the largest organ, is a major channel in expelling toxins from the body, and we understand how tough it is to look and feel good. But, with specially formulated products and treatments from our Radiant Series, achieving that radiant glow from the inside-out and toned body is no longer a myth.


25g contains: Mango Powder - 15000mg Xylitol - 7650mg Collagen - 2000mg Vitamin C - 300mg Xanthan Gum - 50g


Radiant Firm & Tone Up Programme
Steam Bath Room, scrub, Thermal Blanket, choose one amongst LDE, Slim Up or Multipollar

Radiant Goodbye Cellulite Programme
Steam Bath Room, scrub,Thermal Blanket, choose one amongst LDE, Slim Up, Multipollar and Cellu 5