3 Ways Your Mom is Your Best Support System

Growing up, you may remember your mom always being there for you – and you are incredibly lucky to have had that. From morning to night, she was the first and last person you saw as you wake up and head to bed. When you were little, she was your everything. Now that you’re all grown up, you may think you don’t need your mom anymore. After all, you’ve spread your wings and flown from the nest; you’re a strong, independent woman, and you’re now earning your own keep.

BUT. Here’s a thought. What if you never outgrow your mom? What if you’ll always need her, no matter how successful you become or how old you are? True, as mom grows older, she’ll need to rely on you for help to do things that she used to be able to do herself. But that aside, you should realise how your mom is your source of strength. As a woman, she did it first. As a mother, she sacrificed much to bring you up and had to be amazingly strong to do all she did.

Take a leaf out of your mom’s book and draw some inspiration and strength from her. Remember to always appreciate your mom for everything she has done for you and be loud and proud in how she is your strength and support in everything you do! Show your appreciation for her and surprise her with a soothing detox treatment here at Cheryl W that will reinvigorate mom and help her live healthily too!

1) Mom was our very first cheerleader and has always been!


Right from the start, mom has always been our loudest supporters. She cheered you on as you took your first steps, spoke your first words, failed then aced your first school tests, played those school games, graduated from school… Mom has always been proud of you. And there is A LOT to be said to know that there is always mom there to support you and cheer you on. Mom will always be rooting for you. Knowing that you’ll always have mom hoping the best for you is a huge mental and emotional boost! You’ll be secure in the knowledge that mom wants you to succeed and that makes a lot of difference in your mental tenacity!

2) Mom’s arms are the warmest and best


You may have heard that people need 8-12 hugs a day to keep themselves emotionally well. Well, mom’s hugs are the best! With those arms, she has soothed and comforted you throughout your childhood – chasing away nightmares, smoothing away tears, celebrating with you your successes and joys. You still need those hugs as an adult, and some things don’t change: mom’s arms will always be your first home. Draw physical strength from her embrace and let that bolster your mental health, knowing how deeply you are loved!

3) Mom has walked the path before you 🙂


This should give you immense comfort and hope – that mom has walked the path of womanhood before you. Juggling a career, a family and her own hopes and dreams, your mom knows about it. Even if she chose to stay home, she knows all about sacrifice and perseverence and you can definitely learn a thing or ten from her wisdom and experience. Sometimes, when the odds seem stacked against us, it may seem depressing. But knowing that your mom faced those odds too and overcame them on her terms is empowering and hopeful. You are never alone with your mom behind you!

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