5 Health Food Trends You Need to Know for 2017


Healthy food will ALWAYS be in, no doubt about that. But if 2016 was the year of kale and zoodles, and 2015 was all about Greek yoghurt and chia seeds, what do you think 2017 will hold for us, food-wise?

Admit it, it can be way more fun to share photos of the trendiest foods and drool over gorgeous Instagram feeds filled with beautifully shot photos of the hottest foods than actually eating it – there is certainly no harm in enjoying the trendiest healthy foods while they are all the rage! After all, enjoyment ranks very high up the wellness list 😉 And, there is something so satisfying about being ahead of the pack when it comes to following trends.

Keep your eye (and camera) trained on these 5 food trends for 2017. You heard it here first!

1) No waste

There is a growing interest in minimising waste in cooking, thanks to the push towards a more sustainable way of life and care towards to environment. This means using parts of the vegetables that are often thrown away, cooking from root to stem. This makes for some pretty amazing and creative cooking. For example, some people have found ways to make vegan egg whites substitutes from the juice of chickpeas – how cool is that? With this trend, the possibilities are really quite vast! For starters, scraps can be easily made into hearty stock, something you can easily do in your kitchen with just a bit of mindfulness when you cook.

2) Coconut

This is an all-time fan-favourite that is being re-introduced in 2017 in more creative ways than ever. While its usual forms will certainly continue to be enjoyed – think coconut water, coconut oil and coconut milk – get ready to see this superfood pop up in the most unconventional of foods. Coconut flour will give rise to products such as tortillas and wraps, while coconut sugar will lend its flavour and goodness as a healthy and tasty substitute for cane sugar. We love seeing this staple superfood in the limelight again this year!

3) Jackfruit

This local favourite will apparently have its year in 2017, as the leader among the pack of meaty fruit meat substitutes that include durian and papaya. Rich in potassium, calcium and iron, the jackfruit is packed with nutrients your body will thank you for. When cooked, the jackfruit has the texture of pulled pork, so we can totally understand why people have their eyes firmly fixed on this food as a meat substitute for increasingly-popular veggie burgers. So yes, looks like the humble jackfruit is going to have its moment in 2017 as a trendy plant-based protein. Or in Singapore, just eat the jackfruit as is with a nice glass of iced liang teh, cos we all know that this fruit is heaty as it is hearty! 😉

4) Seaweed

Say hello to the kale of 2017 – the seaweed. We already eat this with our sushi and handrolls without much thought, but the humble seaweed is about to have its moment in 2017. Enjoy it cooked in soups or cold in salads – its refreshing burst of umami flavour will definitely be a welcome taste for the year. Seaweed, as one of the most fuss-free crops to grow, needing no watering or fertilising – is part of a larger movement to increased sustainability in food production. We say YAY!

5) Purple foods

The traditional colour of royalty throughout history is now having a heyday on our food plates in the upcoming year. That’s right, purple foods in all forms are going to be everywhere. From acai berry bowls to purple sweet potatoes and asparagus (yes, really) to black rice – the options are really quite dizzying. Why purple? It’s a colour that denotes a saturation of antioxidants and nutrients, hence making such foods superfoods! Keep your eye out for some really cool purple veggies this year, such as purple corn, purple cauliflower and purple cabbage. Check out our accompanying blog article about purple foods <link to purple food blog post> if you want to know more about these beautifully coloured food that we promise will taste as good as they are Instagram-worthy 😉

Whatever food trends in 2017, remember that the main thing is to eat what makes YOU feel good! There is nothing trendier than healthy food, so make that your top priority today in your wellness journey. Cheryl W advocates holistic wellness that includes a healthy diet, a practical exercise schedule and regular massages to tone and detox.

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