5 Incredible Truths About Your Mum’s Love For You That You Can Always Draw Strength From

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Mothers are among the most tenacious of people. They are self-sacrificing, giving up plenty for their children. New mothers survive on very little sleep as their newborns need to be fed, changed and rocked to sleep, round the clock. Some mums even go at parenthood alone as single mums, which requires immense courage, determination and willpower. Does knowing all these prompt you to look at your own mum in a different light?

This Mother’s Day, let’s celebrate our wonderful mums for all they have done for us and keep drawing strength from their love for us. And in return, let us strive to give back to your mums some measure of the boundless love and support they have so willingly given to us.

Here are 5 reasons why your mum is always your pillar of strength. Yeah, go on and give your lovely mum a tight hug to show her how much you love her!

1) Your mum loved you first, without knowing how you were going to turn out.

Your mum was the very first person who loved you. How could they not, after carrying you safe in their womb for 9 whole months? Your mum loved you while you screamed in her ears unceasingly for milk as a newborn child. Your mum loved you when you were throwing tantrums and those hated peas on the floor at dinner. Your mum loved you when you had that argument with her at sixteen, and when you slammed the door in her face in anger. Your mum loves you now, still.

2) Your mum has always cared for you.

Can you remember your mum rushing home from work in the evening so that she could cook dinner for the family? Do you remember your mum sitting with you at the table as you did your homework? Not forgetting that your mum cared for your every need when you were an infant and dependent on her. Your mum will continue to care for you even when you are the strong, independent woman you are today. She will always be your safe haven.

3) Your mum has given up so much to give you what she could.

When your mum was pregnant with you, she already gave up so much. She bore with all the physical discomforts of pregnancy, bore the pain of childbirth as you were born. She survived on years of sleepless nights as you woke up throughout the night for milk or just a cuddle. She gave you the last piece of fried chicken when you asked for it, gave you the sweetest slice of fruit on the platter. She (and your dad) worked hard to earn the money that would pay for the bills, pay for the groceries, pay for your education. And she did it all for you.

4) Your mum can taught you much about life.

Your mum has gone through life and is a treasure trove of womanly wisdom. Now, if only you would listen and appreciate her for the gem that she is! First time your period came? First love and the heartbreak that follows? First time going for a job interview? First time having a baby? Mum surely knows. Learn from mum’s experiences and draw strength from knowing that she has walked the path before you. There is also nothing quite like crying over a broken heart or celebrating heady exhilaration from mum’s loving arms, even when you are 20 and taller than mum.

5) Your mum will always be your pillar of strength, no matter how old you are.

Whether you are 15, 22, 30 or even 40, nothing can change the fact that your mum will always be your mum. She will love you as an adult as she loved you when you were a child, and she will always be in your team. From the time in primary school when she attended all your sports meets and competitions and cheered you on, to now when she tells you to eat your dinner on time after a long day at work, your mum has always been and will always be your number one supporter.

Truth be told, mother-daughter relationships are complex. Really complex. The mother-daughter dynamic is one that is openly acknowledged as deeply idiosyncratic, and is frequently portrayed as the subject matter of books, movies and television shows in popular culture. With all the admittedly humorous rep that the mother-and-daughter relationship has been receiving, all the positives have been unfairly forgotten. Hands up if your mum was just amazing at taking good care of the family while still having to work and keep the house clean! Mums are hands-down among the most tenacious and inspiring of people, so do remember to show your love to your own mum this Mother’s Day, perhaps with a pampering session at Cheryl W for your amazing, strong mum.

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