5 Reasons Why Out of Sight Out of Mind is NOT a Good Idea for Mental Health

We are ALL about wellness from within, so mental health figures very highly on our list here at Cheryl W. Without a healthy mind, how can we work towards a healthy body? After all, the two go hand-in-hand. And a lot of trying to live healthily has to do with your mind — the will to persevere and the clarity of mind to understand the long-term benefits of your actions.

This month is mental health awareness month, so we would like to cast the spotlight on just how important mental health is in your overall well-being. Don’t think that you can sweep any mental problems you may be facing under the carpet, just because you cannot physically examine the state of your mind. “Out of sight, out of mind” should DEFINITELY not be your mantra when it comes to mental health issues!

One great way to help soothe your mind and keep it relaxed is a massage. Not only does a body massage ease away those muscle knots and aches, your mental tension will also be eases away as your body relaxes. Here’re 5 solid reasons why you should really take good care of your mental well-being today.

1) Helps you stay in tip-top physical condition


Did you know that there is a strong link between your physical and mental health? Being mentally unwell has a negative effect on your body in the form of poor appetite, extreme fatigue or even impairing immunity. With all these, you will be unable to function properly, much less exercise or eat well. Oftentimes, you tend to eat junk food when you are mentally stressed too, since self-control is lacking! So taking care of your mental health will help you stay in the pink of your physical health, since you can concentrate on taking care of your body with proper exercise and a healthy balanced diet.

2) You can focus better and are more productive


To stick to an exercise regime and a healthy eating diet, you need plenty of mental tenacity and strength. Being mentally unwell will not help that cause, as you will tend to give up easily when the going gets tough. And believe us, the journey to an all-over healthy, wholesome life can get rough! Regular exercise and good eating habits aren’t cultivated overnight, so being mentally strong is very important in keeping to these. You will also feel way more focused with a clear mind, which is very important in all-over wellness cos you need to feel GOOD about yourself, inside out. Being focused and productive will definitely give you that boost to live healthily in all aspects!

3) Better relationships with family and friends


You know that one of the keys to living well is having a strong network of family and friends. Having such people in your life is crucial in maintaining a healthy life, cos these relationships uplift you and keep you going when the going gets tough. Being mentally fit helps cultivate these precious relationships so that you will always have someone to count on.

4) Living a longer life


It is a fact that people who keep mentally active and take care of their mental well-being live longer than people who don’t. When you age, your mind ages too, and this leads to age-related mental illnesses like Alzheimer’s and dementia. People who suffer from these mental illnesses have a really hard time physically too, as their motor skills deteriorate. Such illnesses can also be fatal as the brain is diseased and breathing and neural activity is compromised. Keeping your mind active, learning new things, meeting friends for a good laugh and regular exercise are all ways to help stave off mental diseases.

5) You can really live life to the fullest


And of course, you need to be mentally well to enjoy life to the fullness. Clarity of thought brings about focus in life, and it is definitely a boost to your mood when you are productive and achieving your goals. Life is all about enjoying the moments, so when you are mentally healthy, every moment feels richer, sweeter and fuller – and a healthy wholesome life is definitely within your reach.


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