5 Workouts That Will Have You Exercising Like a Pro

So, you want to start working out but everything you’re reading already assumes you’re a pro? Don’t feel like it’s too late for you to start an exercise routine cos it’s NEVER too late. Exercise is great for everyone!

It may be daunting to get started, with the many trendy workouts and their abbreviations popping up everywhere – HIIT? BBG? What??? Don’t sweat it girl, cos we’ve got your back! This is the ultimate guide for exercise beginners that’ll get you sweating up a storm without feeling the need to visit the ER after 😉

In a nutshell: we recommend 2 days of cardio, 2 days of strength training comprising squats/lunges/presses and 1 day of stretching, with 2 rest days throughout the week. And, focus on your core and everything else will follow.

Ready? Let’s go!!!

1) Jogging

This one is our favourite cos there is something magical about running and getting your heart pumping! And we especially love how you don’t have to fork out extra cash to attend a class or buy fancy equipment – only legs necessary. Jogging is a great exercise to help you lose weight, and if you’re new to this, just remember to start slow. Adopt a run-walk mentality so you can easily walk when you feel too exhausted. Aim to keep your legs moving for at least 40 minutes and if you cannot keep the pace, walking will do as well.

2) Cycling

Cycling is another cardio workout that is great for newcomers into the exercise scene. In fact, this may be a better choice for some than jogging – especially if you are looking for something more low impact. You’ll need to really put in those hours but it is relaxing and you get to soak in the sights of your neighbourhood and beyond! You’ll also work your glutes, hamstrings and quads as you cycles, toning them up and helping you look and feel lean and strong. Start off with just going slow but as you gain momentum and confidence in your routine, you can alternate slow, long rides with shorter more intense rides so you’ll burn more calories and keep pushing yourself.

3) Swimming

No other work out works out your entire body quite swimming does, so if you have ready access to a pool, we really recommend fitting this into your exercise routine once or twice a week. Other than toning up your entire body, swimming is awesome because it does so with very little impact on your joints. If you are just starting out, take it easy. Swim 4 laps, take a 30 second break, and swim another 4 laps. Repeat 5-10 times. You can do this cos your heart rate remains elevated for about 30 seconds after swimming a few laps so your metabolism will keep going even as you take a short rest.

4) Squats

This humble exercise is a great way to lose weight if done right. A wonderful way to kick start your strength training, there are all sorts of squats you can do to really work those muscles. Squats are also reputed to yield phenomenal butt toning and leg sculpting results. So the million dollar questions are, how many reps, how often and what type? You’ll want to do 5 sets of 10-15 reps of goblet squats once a week. Simply hold a dumbbell vertically, keep your knees almost shoulder-width apart, and squat. Hold for 5 seconds. Slowly raise your body. Repeat. This type of squat specifically helps you lose weight and it really works your core; glutes and hamstrings. Goblet squats are also perfect for beginners cos they are so difficult to mess up!

5) Planks

Here’s an exercise that gives your upper body a real workout! While planking does not spot reduce fat, it certainly does help tighten and strengthen both the abs and your core. This helps build muscle in your abdomen, stabilising your core and improving your posture. Think of including planks into your exercise routine as laying the foundation for your cardio work. Planks also helps increase your base metabolism cos of the muscles it builds, so even if you don’t directly lose weight from this, you’ll be burning more calories throughout the day, thus aiding in overall weight loss too. There are many different types of planks you can do, but we recommend trying the side plank to really push those muscles.

To complement these exercises, you’ll definitely want to include our Ignite No Work Out Cardio Burn treatment into your routine. This treatment is perfect for rest days, cos it works to keep your base metabolism going high through the use of infrared treatment and heat therapy. Remember to never exercise while on any extreme diet plans, and that the best way to lose weight is to exercise AND eat healthily at the same time!

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