7 Easy Habits to Adopt in 2020 for Better Wellness

Did you set goals for your wellness to kick off in 2020? We all do, but the key is making those goals small and manageable so you actually accomplish them. These little steps can come together to help you down the road to wellness. Not sure where to start? These 7 easy habits to adopt for better wellness will help you get there!

1. Start your day with positive mantras

No matter what your major end-goal is, starting every morning with positive mantras can help you change your line of thinking. Positive attracts positive so pin up your mantra on your mirror and recite it to yourself. Repeat it throughout the day too.

2. Document your gratitude

It’s easy to get hung up on minor disappointments. However, when we change our mind and focus on those little things we are grateful for, that also shifts our minds into the land of the positive. Make a journal documenting it so that when you feel ho-hum, you can look back for inspiration.

3. Keep active for no less than 20 minutes

Want to drop some weight or simply be healthier? Make a point to hit a minimum of 20 minutes of physical activity. If you’re new to exercise, make it a daily walk. Try a yoga class for beginners, or if you prefer seclusion, search for an easy-to-follow exercise video on YouTube in the privacy of your own home. Whatever it is, make sure it’s something you enjoy so you’ll always make time for that 20-minute minimum.

4. Make way for meditation

If you want to unite the positivity you’re bringing into your mind with a healthy body, try meditation. There are plenty of guided meditation videos on YouTube or you can also choose the healing frequencies that are most relaxing to you.

5. Ditch processed foods

One of the reasons we can feel sluggish and moody is due to what we eat. When we give our bodies whole foods, they can work better overall. Your gut is like a second brain so treat it to healthy, fresh foods and you’ll notice a major improvement in how you feel inside and out!

6. Read more books

Reading is such a beautiful escape for the mind. You can lose yourself in a story or learn something new about a subject you love. Mix it up and choose books that pique your interest. Make it a goal to read one new book per month.

7. Treat yourself well

With all the responsibilities we have in life, it’s important to put yourself first. Take the time you need to refresh and restore your mind and body.

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