7 Little Habits to Pick Up Today for a Healthy Life

People form habits by repeating actions over and over again until these actions become so deeply ingrained that doing them requires very little conscious effort. A string of habits then form a routine, which is how many of us structure our days. Living a healthy life may seem daunting, with major things to overhaul. Like keeping to a healthy diet, sticking to an achievable exercise routine, and setting aside time for proper rest – for instance. But doing these in piecemeal may be a lot more manageable, cos of an “All or Nothing” type of mindset we adopt when we set goals to live life as healthily as possible. We try to change everything in our lives to be as healthy as we can, and when we fail in one aspect, we feel that living well is impossible.

So why not tackle this differently. Make small changes. Keep doing them till they become second nature – and then make more small changes. These all add up over time to a sizeable change and we promise, it is so much less painful and more enjoyable in the long run.

Here are 7 very achievable, very easy habits to pick up that will set you straight on the path to a healthy, wholesome life.

1) Chew slowly

This is a great way to manage your weight and portions without making too much of an effort! Chewing slowly helps you feel full more quickly, which naturally helps keep portion sizes smaller. You digest better as you slow down on your chewing, and this also helps reduce bloating from the meal. And of course, chewing slowly helps you really enjoy the meal and all its flavours and textures!

2) Drink a beverage to detox once a day

Whether it is a cup of hot lemon water or a cup of detoxing tea, make it a point to drink a cup of beverage every day that will help your body do its detoxing. To make this an easy habit to form, fix a time to have this drink – we recommend either first thing in the morning or last thing at night. Hot lemon water is known to aid in digestion and nutrient absorption, as well as providing a boost to liver functions, thus supporting your body’s detoxing process. We also have a great range of natural teas that would help boost detox functions, so if lemon water isn’t your thing do check this out as an option!

3) Eat one particularly healthy meal a day

If ensuring all your 3 meals are healthy and wholesome is too difficult a task, this tip will make healthy eating way more achievable. Pick one meal a day that you are committed to eating healthy for, whichever is easiest for you to do so day in, day out. Make a commitment to change that one meal a day to a healthy one and it will go a long way!

4) Go for a jog once a week

Dedicating one fixed day a week to going for a long, scenic jog outdoors is a great way to start a healthy exercise routine. Granted, jogging once a week may not be enough per se to keep your weight in check and your fitness in tip-top condition, but remember: make small changes that will slowly add up to bigger changes. Setting aside one day a week to jog is way more doable and realistic than planning to exercise every weekday, for instance.

5) Schedule a massage once every fortnight

Massages are not just about pampering yourself – different types of massages also help increase your metabolism, reduce tension and even drain your lymphatic system! Wellness begins from within, so we really recommend going for regular massages to help prime your body for all the exercise and healthy eating efforts. Massages help you to relax, which is crucial for keeping your mind calm and ordered.

6) Make a simple to-do list every night for the next day

This helps boost productivity and gives you a concrete set of goals to work towards in the day. Such a to-do list should be short and concise, and not contain more than 3 tasks if possible. Anything more may be setting yourself up for failure, anything less won’t push you past your comfort zone. Making such a list before bed helps you crystalise your thoughts, which is great cos you go to bed feeling optimistic about all you are set to achieve the next day.

7) Read a book once a month

Yeah a book, an actual book with pages if possible. This helps reduce the time you spend online and gives your brain space to slow down and think. Being constantly connected on our networks and devices may be convenient but it is actually terrible for the mind. Do your mind a favour and pick up a book to finish every month. Wellness and self-improvement books are inspirational and will help you live as best as you can. Whatever you read, let your mind expand and your eyes rest away from the lure of an electronic screen.
These 7 very simple habits are the gateway to more life-altering changes! When you have mastered these, form new little habits. This way, you are slowly replacing undesirable habits and routines with healthy habits that will form a new routine in time. Remember to be well all over and not lose sight of the larger point of weight loss, which should be to live the best life you can, happy and confident with the person you are!

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