9 Things That Make Being a Woman So Awesome

As we approach International Women’s Day, it’s nice to reflect on the awesomeness of being a woman. Sure, we have periods that can sometimes leak out onto our clothing (especially when we’ve decided to don white linen pants on that particular day) and dresses don’t usually have pockets like we desire, but all in all, we’ve got it better than men.

In honor of all of us ladies, let’s bond together about 9 things that make womanhood the best team to be a part of!

1. We have better clothes

Face it. Guys have those drab suits for the office. We can wear suits in bright fun colors, accentuate with our accessories, wear skirts, slacks, and enjoy the variety of versatility in our wardrobes.

2. We can bond instantly

Women have the gift of gab that can gain us new besties while we wait in line to pay for groceries. We all are born knowing we’re part of this insane tribe of womanhood and we all just go with it.

3. We have more common sense

We’re better at those gambles then men. How many photos have you seen of men standing on ladders teetering precariously off the edge of a stairway? And how many women? Score for the ladies!

4. We have better coping mechanisms

Crap day at work? Shoe shopping! Handbags! Shiny things! Chocolates! Wine with friends!

5. We can talk about nothing and it’s everything

Admit it…guys never sit on the phone talking about random nothingness and having a ball. They just don’t know how to live.

6. We are masters of multi-tasking

Cooking dinner while doing your daughter’s hair while talking to a client on the phone and cleaning up the cat puke? It’s a day in the life of a woman, more than what most men do in one week.

7. We take better selfies

What IS it with guys taking selfies that constantly give them triple-chins? We know how to hit all the right angles.

8. We have the power

Thanks to other bold women, we have the power to change things by standing together. And when women stand together, lookout world! We make great things happen!

9. Our bodies are capable of incredible things

And perhaps the most stellar of feats that women can accomplish is having the ability to give birth. The things our bodies go through to bring that precious little person into the world are just miraculous and are cause for celebration, whether you have children or not.

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