Baby Steps To A Healthier You


Hands up for those who lamented about “being fat” when you were younger, only to look back at old photos 10 years later and exclaimed “I was SO skinny then! How I wish I had that body now!”? If that sounds familiar, we need to START loving our body NOW. We believe self love is more important than cellulite free thighs and it is vital for us to embrace our current self, and we need to do our best to feed it with the right nutrients and condition it with the right fitness regime. Sometimes, it can be just about making minor tweaks in your lifestyle that will have a great impact in the long run. Baby steps, we call it. In this article, we will share some of these baby steps that will reap mammoth rewards for you in the long run. Stick with us and find out more.

1. Add one new healthy habit every week

At the end of every week, come up with a new, small habit to adopt. Think about how much change you could create in your life if every week you ADD a new healthy habit. That’s about four new habits per month, 48 new healthy habits per year! Here are some small habits that you can consider to add:

  • Drink more water (we recommend a minimum of 2L per day)
  • Start a food journal
  • Replace mayonaisse with mustard
  • Add fruits to your breakfast
  • Make and pack your own lunch instead of eating out once a week
  • Plank for 10sec every night before you sleep

There are so many ideas you can try each week. Just remember to keep adding habits—because it’s your compounded efforts week after week that will bring about the real change.

2. Remove one bad habit every week

For every good habit, remove a bad one. Your health can vastly improve by removing these bad habits. Here are some habits that you can get rid of:

  • Replace soft drinks with soda water, or even better, plain water!
  • Add less sugar in your drinks, or go sugar free if you can
  • Cut out all processed food from your grocery list
  • Skip the snacks aisle when you are doing your grocery to avoid temptations
  • Do not go for second helping
  • Do not eat directly out of a bag and lose track of the amount you are eating
  • Do not skip workouts

By doing these baby steps, you can trick yourself into a healthier lifestyle by slowly introducing change into your life. Before you know it, you will love the changes you see and feel! Stay healthy!

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