Be Absolutely ‘Pore-fect’ with this New Facial by Cheryl W!

Do you ever look at the faces of your children with great envy? We all do. They have such soft, smooth, perfect skin. Pores are completely refined and your kids are oblivious to them. Wouldn’t it be great to not notice your own pores again?

While you can’t get that baby, childlike skin back, you can reduce the appearance of your pores. Cheryl W is here to help with a new line of facials. Among them is the Strengthening Porefection Facial, one that will change the way you feel about extraction.

Traditionally, extraction methods are painful. But no longer does beauty have to involve pain. In fact, the technique we use is rather relaxing. We use a soothing hot and cold non-extraction method to open up your pores and unclog them. No pain whatsoever!

It all begins with heat therapy that boosts your circulation. With more blood flowing to your skin, it gets more oxygen which helps it look beautiful naturally. The heat also coaxes your pores open so it’s easy to cleanse and unclog them. After that, a cold treatment is applied to close your pores and reduce puffiness and inflammation.

This incredibly soothing facial treatment leaves you with clearer and brighter skin that glows with absolute health. You’ll see troublesome blackheads gone and refined skin that, while not baby-like, looks years younger and completely refreshed.

Dare we say it’s the ‘pore-fect’ way to treat yourself? When you take time to give your skin what it needs, with your continued skincare efforts, it will look beautiful every day. Sometimes we all need a little help to draw out the toxins, dirt, debris, makeup, and impurities that can settle deep into our pores. With the Strengthening Porefection Facial, you’ll get the help you need without unnecessary painful extraction techniques.

If you want to try this facial, it’s currently only available at our Serangoon Nex location. And for a limited time, instead of paying the usual price of $150, you can get the Strengthening Porefection Facial for just $28. In just 80 minutes, we’ll have your skin glowing to perfection with smoothed-down, cleared out pores that leave you with a brilliant appearance.

Get rid of blackheads, quell inflammation, and create a refined appearance with minimized pores by choosing the Strengthening Porefection Facial for all skin types. At a price this low, we’re going to book up appointments fast, so reserve your slot today to get this soothing beauty treatment that will have you glowing all over!




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