Bond with Your Mother Through Fitness and Wellness


Even though Mother’s Day has just passed, it doesn’t stop us from doing something special with our moms regularly. If you’re a mum yourself, you probably know that more stuff doesn’t make you feel whole. It’s nice, but what makes you feel appreciated is that bond with your kids. Your mum definitely feels the same way. It’s about giving her an experience, one that will last in her happy memories much longer than a bouquet of flowers or that of a box of chocolates (no matter how fancy they are).

Instead of splurging once a year (or twice, if you include her birthday), how about bonding with your mom through fitness and wellness regularly? Take Mum out for a walk along one of our lush park connectors, or take her to a fun exercise class. Go get active together and then get a healthier version of brunch. By doing an activity that promotes wellness, you’ll have more to share together. You can even sign her up for classes right along with you and make it a weekly mum-and-daughter date!

Fitness isn’t the only way to wellness though. Another aspect is taking care of everything inside and out. For Mum, you can arrange a special treatment at Cheryl W. There are so many treatments that balance wellness and weight management in a luxuriously pampered light that your mum will just love that attention. In fact, join her and go along together. For new mums, you can get the Mummy Tummy Trim Treatment. You’ll look and feel your best, helping your body get primed for getting back down to size after giving Mum her treasured grandchildren. Helping her take care of herself so she lives a long and healthy life is the best gift you can ever give. Combining that with being there with her makes it the ultimate best gift.

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