Celebrating Motherhood

Congratulations Cheryl on the arrival of her newborn and welcome to motherhood!

New mothers radiate with the love of their newborn children, and their lives become a series of magical adventures in which they can watch, in bliss, their little ones blossom and grow over time.

Motherhood brings about many emotions – you get the joy, sadness, laughter and frustrations. Yet motherhood can be the most rewarding but also can be the hardest job on the planet. Mothers are on the battlefield day in and day out, wiping off those snots and cultivating future stars at the same time. At times, the beauty of motherhood can get lost in all of it. Lost in the snot, lost in the tears, lost in the yelling. It can be awesome, yet at the same time heart-wrenching, mistake after mistake, learning to apologize over and over again, followed by hugs and kisses and more tears.

Sometimes, all that you need is just take a step back and remember how it all started. Picture the moments that make us smile, that make motherhood all worthwhile! What can be a better way to celebrate motherhood, than to remember the day it all began? The beginning opens new doors for all mothers and teaching new life lessons around every turn.

There’s nothing quite like your very own first Mother’s Day. It symbolises your passage into motherhood and recognises all that you have gained from starting a family. And every year after, that second Sunday in May is just another sweet reminder of the joys of motherhood.

The Mother’s Day tradition, contrary to popular belief, actually started as a festival by the ancient Greeks and Romans in honour of their mother goddesses. As the annual celebration of motherhood draws near, it’s fun to find new ways to mark this special day with your children or without. How about trying any of these to celebrate Mother’s Day this year?

  1. Create a gallery of artwork done by your children. If you’re like most mums, you would likely have a pile of artwork collected throughout the year. Frame some of the gems and fill a wall in your home with these mini masterpieces. Get the children to join in the fun too!
  2. If you’re the adventurous type, get inked. Honour yourself on this day with a tattoo that you like or whatever that symbolises your journey as a mum.
  3. For mums who love to write, you can start writing a memoir. As mothers, we all have our very own unique amazing tales to tell, so start typing away!
  4. Build a Mother’s Day time capsule. Keep a handful of items symbolising your motherhood that you have collected into a tin or jar, then tuck it away to be opened years later. You can also add in notes from the daddy and children.
  5. If you can, get the day and/or night off to do whatever you wish to. You could even just sit back and relax without doing anything! This could be the best gift a mother can get on Mother’s Day.
  6. Have a family movie night of your favourite movies with daddy and the children. A home-based movie marathon will be one of the warmest activities that you can do with your family on this special day.
  7. Frame pregnancy pictures for each of your children and write a secret note or memory behind the pictures meant for their eyes only. Kids never get tired of hearing about their time in “mummy’s belly” and reliving that magical time is the ideal way to celebrate.

Mother’s Day is the perfect time to stop and reflect on your own experiences of motherhood and to celebrate everything that the mothers in our lives have accomplished. Give yourselves a pat on the back and congratulate or encourage the other mothers in our lives, be it our own mother, grandmother or friends who are mothers.

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