Cheryl Recommends: CUCHEN UV Sterilizer

Hello mummies and daddies!

We know about the importance of sterilizing all your baby’s feeding equipment, including bottlesand teats, until they are at least 12 months old, to protect your little ones against infections as their immune system and gut are not matured enough yet.

The art of sterilization has evolved from boiling water during my parents’ time to a much popular steam or tablet sterilizers, and now, we have an even more advanced option of UV sterilizers.

I’ve recently received a CUCHEN sterilizer and it was such a much-needed gift. I’m sharing my review here for anyone who might be looking for a sterilizer right now and hope this will help you make an informed decision.

The CUCHEN sterilizer is one good-looking piece of equipment. Its striking flaming red exterior brightens up any counter top and it’s probably one of the best looking sterilizers in the market right now. But it is not just a pretty face! Looks aside, it has one of the most certifications for UV sterilizers as compared to their counterparts.

Made in South Korea, it comes with a Medical Grade UV LED, which effectively eliminates 99.9% of harmful germs and bacteria. It is built with a super mirror stainless steel on all sizes to ensure a complete 360 degrees sterilization.

Its efficient space utilization includes a 3-level rack storage, which allows us to plonk in about 6 bottles, with the teats and bottles caps, while still having room for a few more items! There’s also a door rack space for sterilizing accessories like spoons and forks and toothbrushes. This is so useful for us as we can also pop in Marc’s teether toys and everything else that he might be putting in his mouth!

The CUCHEN comes with 4 modes of operation: drying, sterilizing, storage and ventilation, in 35min, 60min, and 75mins. My only gripe would be its drying process, which still leaves water residue on the items, which I have to flick off. This can be easily fixed by adding another 35 minute of drying cycle after the initial auto mode.

With its 3 years warranty, lovely aesthetics, spacious storage and certifications, this CUCHEN sterilizer is a reliable help you can definitely consider. From 23-25 December, CUCHEN will be having 25% off storewide (with a minimum purchase of $10) on Shopee, Lazada and bingbling website! Happy shopping!

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