Cheryl talks about the support from her parents with 早报


“My list of teenage dreams can be pretty wild and many ~ from becoming Britney Spears, acting on for the big screens to staying in New York and Taiwan and now opening up Cheryl W. Through it all, my parents have been there with me, supporting my wildest dreams and pushing me through when I thought I couldn’t go further.
But above all, their continued success and perseverance to strive for greater heights is my benchmark to sharpen my sword and my inspiration to do better.

I’m truly proud of how far they’ve come and what they’ve achieved. It’s not easy to juggle between building a career and raising a family. But as parents, they’ve done it with much love and sacrifices. In the words of my dad and the actions of both my mom and dad, they may not do great things, “but they do small things with great love” quoted from Mother Teresa.When asked how will I repay my parents, I probably can never. The love parents shower us, often surpasses what we can give back. Simply put, my mom says, “父母养我们,我们养孩子”- an adage from her grandma which is just how the cycle of life works.

Now that I’m a mom, I realise that being filial and grateful itself is never enough to repay my parents. Because the things I would think of, can do and will do for them is what my parents would do for us anytime without hesitation.

So if I were to repay them, I feel that raising my kids to be the best that they can be, just like how my parents raised my siblings and I — to be kind, loving, generous, filial, God loving and to bring joy and light to this world. Imparting these important values to the next generation and the ones that follow would be the best repayment I could think of. Thank you, Papa and Mama.” — Love, Cheryl

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