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Often in life, very real challenges pop up without warning. But it is also the very genuine problems that lead to inspiration. Postnatal blues and depression are very real, so are concerns with harmful chemicals from inhaling aerosol from sprays that may harm the little ones. Throw in a hectic work schedule and at times – the insecurity of not feeling good enough and not looking good enough – cumulates to a search for daily calmness and serenity.

It is that very concern of finding the right balance between wellness and hygiene that inspired Cheryl Wee to come up with the No More Baby Blues Spray. ‘Food is thy medicine’ is a long-time mantra of hers, and Cheryl believes that blend of fruits and botanicals in this spray will naturally lift our moods. The use of blackcurrant helps battle a sluggish metabolism that will reduce mummy tummy and thunder thighs. Just like lemon, blackcurrant is high in polyphenols, which encourages fat burning. Research also shows that GLA Gamma Linolenic Acid will dramatically help improve immunity. And when you throw in coconut and jasmine, these gentle on skin ingredients will help stimulate energy and fight anxiety.

Meanwhile, Hello Sunshine is a hearty mix of lychee, magnolia, ginger, mandarin orange and white musk. The base notes of lychee, famed for its rich source of vitamin C and B complex, is an important ammunition to boosting immunity without the inevitable heatiness of eating them whole. The blend of white musk most certainly helps in detoxifying and regenerating, triggering refreshness and radiance. Carefully formulated, this blend will help reduce stress, cravings for sugary stuff and a lift-me-up metabolism booster. With its high anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial and anti-bacteria properties in place, it is the perfect mix to combat the pollutants daily and give that added oomph before you start your day.

Cheryl W is delighted to launch Cheryl W Fragrance Sprays in conjunction with Breastfeeding Week. This multi-purpose range is specially developed for mothers that harnesses nature’s own healing properties found in fruits and botanicals — a gentle cocktail that’s suitable for pregnant and breastfeeding mums.

No More Baby Blues and Hello Sunshine sprays are the fruits of labour from our founder’s Cheryl Wee who found the motivation during her motherhood journey. 

The launch price for each bottle is $48. Enjoy our launch promotion when you purchase these sprays on at $88 for 2 (U.P $96)

Inspired by our kids. For moms like you.

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