Cheryl’s Pregnancy Journey – Fashion Tips For Moms-To-Be

This is the fun part of being pregnant. I’ve always like dressing up and being pregnant does not change that. Pregnant ladies do not need to choose between comfort and chic. There are defintely ways and cheats to be comfortably fashionably! And you don’t need to burn a hole in your pocket revamping your wardrobe either. Here’re some tips that I hope will help with your maternity style.

1. Bodycon vs loose maternity outfits

I’ve decided at the start of the pregnancy not to go crazy on maternity outfits and it turns out to be a good decision as most of the maternity wear make me feel or look bigger than I already am! It also doesn’t make dollar sense to buy pieces that would last me a few months before I outgrow them as I get bigger. My maternity wardrobe consists of non-maternity wear that are 1 or 2 sizes up, or borrowed clothes from my mom and aunt and this worked perfectly fine for me during my first trimester. I’m SO thankful for fashionable relatives and I had fun sifting through their wardrobes for vests, shirt dresses, jackets, and outerwear that I can mix and match my outfits with. If you must buy, go for A Line dresses or shirt dresses that can give you more mileage as you can even wear them post natal by cinching the waist with a belt.

During my 2nd and 3rdtrimester, I actually feel that wearing fitted clothes make me look more shapely and less huge. I find it more comfortable and flattering wearing bodycon outfits now than before I was pregnant. When I wore bodycon dresses before I was pregnant, I was so conscious of all the little bumps and bulges that I had to suck

2. The Right Shoes

From the moment you’re pregnant, everyone around you, especially your loved ones, worries about everything and their “be careful” alarms are like your Whatsapp notification alerts going off non stop. Suddenly my dad is constantly holding me like I’m an old lady! I didn’t use to think shoes would be so important. I am a fan of ballerina flats, which some of them comes with a rather smooth sole or I’ll wear it till they are worn smooth, which is actually rather dangerous for someone who’s pregnant. Especially in the later trimesters, when we get bigger, our joints get looser to prepare our bodies for delivery, we tend to be clumiser as a result.  Recently, I was grabbing lunch at Takashimaya. I wasn’t even walking fast but as I stepped onto the smooth marble tiles with my worn out flats, I felt like I was skidding on an ice skating rink! Thankfully I did not fall but this incident made me realised how important a good pair of non-slip shoes is. Pregnancy also causes our feet to swell up so get shoes that are comfortable and not too tight. Avoid complicated shoes with laces or details that make them difficult to wear. And a big no no to high heels!

3. Bra and extenders

Your belly isn’t the only part to grow and change when you’re pregnant. Our boobs are ever changing too! If your trusty 34Bs suddenly feel as tiny as a training bra, get fitted asap! Since our boobs might change, either in cup size or girth at different rates, I find bra extenders really useful. It can extend the usage of an otherwise tight bra just by lengthing it a couple hooks. So don’t go off running to La Senza or Triumph every few weeks or months when your boobs go through a growth spurt just yet! Check if an extender can help first. And it’ll save you some money too! Cotton On Body sells them at less than $10 for a pack of threes.

And since my boobs are constantly changing, I will only buy about 2 new bras every time, because I never know when I might just outgrow them again, or shrink after pregnancy. Another tip is to make sure the new bra fits on the tightest hook when you buy it so you can loosen it as your body grows.

You must’ve also heard about the constant debate of underwire bras versus wireless bras. I kept with underwirerd bras for my first two trimesters. When I was sick, I turned to wireless options which I do feel more comfortable in. I also have my own theory that since it’s recommended to wear wireless bras during breastfeeding to help prevent engorgement, it seems reasonable that during the last 2 months of pregnancy, when our body starts to produce colestrum, it is OK to start wearing wireless bras too,  to help with the circulation and comfort. The Wacoal wireless bra has a pretty good support and is really comfortable. If you opt for the wireless option, you must find one with good support so that you won’t end up with saggy boobs! Yikes!

in all the time which was so uncomfortable! Now, I just embrace my baby bump and wear it with confidence and joy, no sucking in required. Yayy! Somehow, bodycon dresses make my pregnant figure looks more shapely and flattering, whereas loose clothes make me look even bigger and clumsier.

Just have fun with your clothes, wear what is comfortable and yet looks good! I am a believer of how dressing up can lift up your mood and don’t we all need a perk-me-up from all the morning sickness and discomfort? When you feel good, so does your baby! And if all else fails on days outfits can’t seem to look right, just wear your favorite accessory. A good piece of accessory or outerwear can really make your pregger outfit work by diverting the attention to that little thing that not only makes you look better but feel better too!

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