Christmas detoxing with Cheryl W

Christmas is fast approaching! We will be having our fair share of partying, feasting and revelry over the festive season, but when that’s over, our bodies will feel the full weight — literally — of all the food and drink we have been putting in. And this is usually the point where we go: “It’s time for a detox!”

We want to get our bodies back on track, but there are so many different methods. So what should we really do? Here, we offer a Wellness Drinks Gift Set that helps to detox your system and get back on a healthy track.






What choices are there from the Cheryl W’s Wellness Drinks Gift Set?

  • The Radiant Series (Mango Collagen)

The drink uses extracted marine collagen of deep sea fish origins to ensure that your body absorbs the maximum amount of collagen daily, and formulated to help restore and promote youthfulness and radiance to your skin. Coupled with the beauty fruit, Mango, that has anti-inflammatory properties which help to promotes bright eyes. During the detox process, it helps to keep pesky pimples and breakouts away. The skin, being the largest organ, is a major channel in expelling toxins from the body, and we understand how tough it is to look and feel good. But, with specially formulated products from our Radiant Series, achieving that radiant glow from inside-out and toned body is no longer a myth.

  • The Sparkle Series (Ginger Champagne)

If you have indigestion problems or frequent feeling of “bloatedness” due to excess wind in the stomach, this drink is the choice to go for! Packed with Vitamin C, this champagne with delectable notes of ginger helps to improve digestion, relieve excess wind and bloating, reduce nausea and helps fighting flu and cold. Deliciously refreshing, you’ll forget it packs beneficial ingredients such as Vitamin and Ginger!

  • The Strength Series (Rooibos & Lingzhi Supplement)

This is a God-sent for office ladies! It designed to provide a mid-day boost of energy, helps you stay alert ad focused without reaching out for unhealthy snacks, while improving blood circulation and the immune system. Rooibos helps ease stomach cramps and boosts the digestive tract. It is also a natural remedy to relive symptoms of Irritable Bowel Syndrome. On the other hand, Lingzhi enhances the immune system and elimination toxins. It also focuses on rejuvenating and increasing the body’s strength. This caffeine-free booster is also suitable for those with a busy lifestyle looking for an alternative to coffee.

  • The Flush Series (Dark Plum Natural Cleanse)

Our Dark Plum Natural Cleanse contains a blend of natural ingredients including plum powder, senna tea and honey powder, which aids in detoxifying the body of waste materials accumulated from years of processed food and frees the organs of toxins. For the body to better absorb vital nutrients, it is a well-known fact that the body has to be “clean” from the inside. Plums are high in dissolvable fibers and digestive enzymes that cleanse your digestive tract naturally and safely, while Senna Tea Leaves are proven to help promote bowel movement and loosening of stools. The drink is designed to provide an effective thorough detox of the digestive system and bowel while you sleep, therefore it is best to take it after dinner or before bedtime.

At Cheryl W, we discourage quick fixes that promote rapid weight loss. For us, it’s a gradual process to help you ease into your new lifestyle. To celebrate the festive season, we’ve got an awesome promotion for Cheryl W’s Wellness Drinks Gift Set: You can now get a set for $68 or 2 sets in a nice gift box for $98! Gift this to yourself and your loved ones for Christmas and usher in 2018 with a healthier body!

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