Detoxing is for Everyone (Yes, Even Skinny People)

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Detoxing is one of the hottest health trends to sweep through this generation of young women. Not only are they urged to eat cleaner than ever before, they are now also encouraged to let their bodies detox; that is, to let those organs responsible for removing toxins naturally from the body, such as the colon, liver and kidneys, undergo a complete cleanse.

Detoxing is made all the more popular these days thanks to celebrities who swear by some form of detoxing or the other. Gwenyth Paltrow, Beyonce and Anne Hathaway have all been public supporters of detoxing diets in their bid to maintain their Hollywood-worthy figures. You may even know of friends who have hopped on the detox bandwagon via trendy diet plans like juice cleanses, where a specially curated blend of cold-pressed juices are the only meals consumed over a set period of time. All this – in a bid to shed some pounds.

The idea that the main objective behind a detox programme is to lose weight will probably not take you as far as if you were to understand that detoxifying your body requires a commitment to a healthy lifestyle and ongoing treatments and exercise to help keep your body cleansed. Healthy weight management is a natural result of a successful detox programme since you will be eating right, and exercising and sleeping well – putting your body in tip-top shape.

Cheryl W advocates a holistic method of detoxing that is not only highly effective, it is also extremely comfortable. Among our treatments available for detoxifying the body is the Flush treatment, a customised treatment that aids in detoxifying the body of waste materials and toxins accumulated from years of less-than-healthy eating habits and lifestyle choices. There are two treatment options in the Flush range: The basic detox program, Signature Flush Body Treatment, and the advance program, Signature Royal Flush Body Treatment.

So, is it ok for skinny people to detox and lose even more weight?
Many people believe that skinny people do not need to detoxify their bodies because they think that the main purpose of a detox is to lose weight. While losing weight is a natural side effect of a detoxifying programme, it is not the only reason why people should detox. People should detox their bodies to rid themselves of dangerous toxins.

There is also a widespread belief that skinny people are healthier because of their lack of visible body fats. This is a very dangerous misconception as some skinny people themselves are sold on this belief. The idea is that fats are a visible sign of toxins but this is false, toxins lurk all throughout the body. What’s worse, some skinny people often do not watch what they eat as they believe that they can well afford to put on more weight. So they end up eating a lot of unhealthy, oily and fatty foods – which are a major source of toxin build-up in the body.

Another perception that people have is that skinny people should not detox, as this may result in them losing too much weight that they cannot afford to lose. What you need to know is that the weight that people lose during a detox is bad weight – that is, the weight of the toxins and water from water retention. So a skinny person who detoxes and loses 1-2 kg could very well afford to lose that 1-2 kg of toxic weight!

Controlling one’s diet to cleanse the body is just one part of detoxing. After going through a controlled detox diet programme, many people do not commit to a renewed diet of healthy, wholesome foods and instead slip back into their previous diet that may consist of processed and preserved foods. Many people also do not fit in time for exercise after going through a liquid cleanse, and this is where so many people go wrong in their attempt to detox properly.

Exercise amplifies natural detoxification processes where the body eliminates waste through sweating. Exercise also gets the blood pumping through the body, improving circulation so that the liver and lymph nodes can cleanse toxins from the blood more effectively and efficiently. So go on and exercise as part of your detox programme!

Detoxing is after all a holistic endeavour that requires effort in all aspects of your life, from diet to exercise to lifestyle habits. With the right attitude, the pounds will naturally be shed in your bid to detoxify your body and treat it better.

Do come on down to Cheryl W for one of our signature detox sessions today to kick-start your holistic journey to all-over detoxification. Our treatments, when enjoyed in conjunction with a commitment to a healthy lifestyle and positive attitude, will make all the difference in your detox journey.

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