Discover the Most Coveted Eastern Beauty Secret in Singapore

Guasha has been a practice for centuries. It’s a technique from Ancient Chinese times that incorporates a jade horn to stroke the face in such a way that it brings a bounty of beauty and health benefits along with it. Why the sudden popularity?  That’s because what’s old is always new again. Plus, as research confirms what ancient people believed to be beneficial, women everywhere are flocking to Cheryl W to get the Guasha V-Shape Facial. Our own unique twist melds Eastern traditional practices and Western lymphatic detoxification for both inner and outer beauty and health.

Some call it the ‘Eastern Facelift’ while others compare it to Botox without the injections. Cheryl W’s Guasha V-Shape Facial will give you the results you’re hoping to achieve for skin health and overall wellness from within.

Benefits of the Guasha Facial

There are so many benefits that you’ll gain, all without painful injections!

Brighter, more radiant skin

The techniques we use to help your skin detoxify naturally restore its health. With lymphatic massaging and our signature body flush, this leads to healthier skin all around.

More efficient skincare

Using the best skincare products only gets you so far. With our Guasha Facial, your skin will have better ability to absorb all those quality products that can keep it hydrated, bouncy, and youthful.

Restores firmness

It’s not called the ‘Eastern Facelift’ for nothing! When you try this facial, you’ll notice saggy skin feels lifted and skin becomes firmer and more supple like the skin of your youth.

Reduces double chin

Speaking of firmness, if you feel less confident about your facial profile, you definitely need to come in for the Guasha Facial. It can firm up skin to tighten double chins, leaving you feeling renewed confidence in your appearance.

Improves circulation and detoxifies

To look and feel your best, your circulation should be flowing properly. This is a popular Eastern belief that has been verified by science. Our techniques improve your blood flow so that your skin and body receive more oxygen while encouraging the lymphatic system to remove toxins for your overall best health.

And that’s not all! With all this reactivation of your cells, your face begins to regain its elasticity and improve over time. Fine lines and wrinkles seem to iron away so you’re left with younger, healthier skin. Plus, with all that circulation and detoxification, you won’t just look like your most beautiful self. You’ll also feel more energetic from within. Facials will always make you feel better, but none will do so more than Cheryl W’s Guasha V-Shape Facial Treatment.

Get that ‘V’ back in your facial contours and reserve your slot for your facial. It comes with a signature body flush treatment too, and for a limited time, is just $68!

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