Flush Away Toxins for Perfect Beauty Inside and Out

That one slice of cake. That extra order of fries. For all those moments when temptation proved too great or convenience caused you to choose a less-than-healthy option, you need Cheryl W’s Flush Series.

This delicious dark plum-flavored drink helps scrub the toxins and wastes that have clung to your insides for years out of your system. Processed foods leave toxins behind that last for years. A moment on the lips and a lifetime of damage done, unless you flush it away. We’ve created the Flush Series to help you rid your body of these damaging elements, freeing it up to allow better absorption of vital nutrients that benefit it.

Cleaning your body from the inside is the only way to holding on to your best health and wellness. With toxins in your system, nothing functions as it should. Take the first step toward weight loss and better overall health by using our Flush Series to eliminate accumulated toxins and help your body heal from within.

Our exclusive formulation includes some key ingredients that make all the difference for your better health and steer you toward weight loss.

Dark Plum

Dark plums are filled with vitamins A, C, and K, making them a rich source of antioxidants. Antioxidants aren’t just good for better skin. They also help fight free radical damage to all your cells inside your body. Plums are also ideal for lowering blood sugar naturally, something you’ll need help with if you need to detox from a poor diet before you begin living your best, healthier life.

And perhaps one of the best benefits of dark plums is their ability to keep things moving. With a poor diet, your digestive system has become more sluggish. You can naturally perk it back up and clear out the clutter with our Flush Series full of dark plums to get your bowels back in shape and ready for proper nutrition.


To ensure that all moves along well and clears out of your body, we’ve added Senna to our Flush Series. It is a natural laxative that helps remove all toxins from deep within. With the clearing of these toxins, your body can absorb nutrients from the dark plum as well as all healthier items you consume from here on out.

At Cheryl W, we recommend enjoying our Flush Series drinks at the end of your treatments. However, you can use them whenever you feel like processed foods have cluttered up your colon and you need to cleanse them away.

Eating healthfully and taking care of yourself from within is the first step toward better health. Our unique formulations are designed to help set you on the right path to weight loss and wellness because sometimes, we just need a little extra help getting to our goals.

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