Get an Edge on Getting Back in Shape After Baby

When you’re a new mum, you’re not prepared for all the love you’ll feel in your heart when you hold that new baby. And you’re not at all prepared for just how hard it is to get back down to your pre-pregnancy size again. It’s so hard to juggle all the things in your life now – the baby, work, things around the house, and getting back in shape.

As any new mum knows, making plans is futile. Just when you think you can get a quick workout in while the baby sleeps, you hear a cry and have to stop what you’re doing. Before you know it, it’s time to get dinner on the table or prepare a massive project for work. But taking time for you to get yourself back in shape for your mental health and well-being is important as well, You’ll want to be fit and strong to handle the demands of your baby and new lifestyle. But it is rather difficult because there’s just not enough time to do it all.

Instead of putting yourself on the backburner yet again, try the Mummy Tummy Trim Treatment. This fantastic treatment is for new moms 3 months postpartum (or 6 months postpartum after c-sections) to help give you an edge on your fitness and help you shape up faster. You can start it on your thighs, arms, and buttocks as early as 2 months postpartum or wait to do it all together.

The Mummy Tummy Trim Treatment works to eliminate excess body fluids and reduce water retention. It also help over-stretched areas of your skin to firm and tighten things up. The process helps warm and improve your blood circulation for your uterus, helping it contract back down to size while increasing efficiency in removal of metabolic waste. It exfoliates dead skin cells and regenerates your skin for a polished glow while also breaking down fats and boosting collagen to improve skin elasticity.

Why should you do it? Because you deserve it! It’s not selfish to take the time to treat yourself right. The entire process takes just a little over an hour and you won’t just look better, you’ll feel better too. This isn’t a substitute for healthy eating and fitness but rather an assistant to give you that boost you need to help shake off stubborn baby weight and coax your body back to your pre-pregnancy dimensions.

It all begins with a multipolar on the targeted area, which helps break down your fats and rebuild collagen. Then you get a tummy wrap, much like Jamu, where it contours and firms your body shape. Next up, an aroma steam bath opens your pores and helps the products absorb properly while invigorating your senses.

You’ll then enjoy a flush scrub of sea salt, post-natal oil, ginger oil, and Peel-It, which all work together to exfoliate dead skin cells and regenerate beautiful glowing skin cells from below. A ginger herbal mask is next, followed by thermal heat therapy which draws out toxins and burns 300 calories in just 30 minutes, the equivalent of what you’d get busting your buns running for a full continuous hour.

Being a new mum is hard. Why make it any harder on yourself? Get the Mummy Tummy Trim Treatment and find your best self again!

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