Have you tried the new Mummy Tummy Trim Treatment?

Here’s Cheryl’s biggest secret to post natal weight loss.

Post-natal weight loss could be especially challenging. With most of your time spent taking care of your newborn, mummies often lack the energy and time to exercise. Especially, if you are breastfeeding and recuperating, dieting is not advised. Drawing from her own experience, our founder Cheryl Wee has specially curated a treatment for mummies seeking post-natal weight loss. Besides aiding with weight loss, this treatment will help you to firm up your loose skin in your thighs, arms, buttocks and tummy area, allowing you to find your best self again.

The Mummy Tummy Trim Treatment is recommended for mummies 3 months after they given birth naturally and 6 months after caesarean birth. However, mummies can start as early as 2 months on areas such as their thighs, arms and buttocks.


  • Eliminates excess body fluids and reduces water retention
  • Tones over stretched areas of you skin such asthighs, arms and tummy area
  • Helps to warm and improve bloodcirculation of the womb
  • Exfoliates dead cells and regenerates skin cells
  • Breaks down fats and boosts collagen to improveelasticity of the skin
  • Increases efficiency in removal of metabolic waste


  • Multipolar on targeted area  (10mins) 

Helps in breaking down your fats and rebuilds your collagen structure.

  • Wrap on tummy area (5mins)

Similar to Jamu, we contour and firm up your body shape with a tight wrap.

  • Aroma steam bath (10mins)

Helps to open your pores for better product absorption.


  • Flush scrub which includes Sea Salt + Post Natal Oil + GingerOil + Peel It (10mins)

Helps to exfoliate dead cells and regenerate skin cells

  • Ginger herbal mask which includes Ginger scrub + Collagen mask on targeted area (5mins)

Ginger mask helps post natal mummies to remove wind and warm their womb.

  • Thermal Heat Therapy (30mins)

Thermal Heat Therapy harnesses your body’s natural way of eliminating toxins—   sweating—to help in detoxification. Lying on the thermal blanket for 1/2 an hour equates to 1 hour of non-stop exercise, or about 300 calories burnt.

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