How to Boost Your Immunity and Safe Healthy during COVID-19

The world is watching wide-eyed as the outbreak of COVID-19 virus that emerged from Wuhan, China, continues. While it is scary to see, it’s important to look for what the World Health Organisation (WHO) advises.

It’s also important to know the role of nutrition for your immunity. After all, those of us that are in good health will be less likely to wind up with COVID-19 or at the very least, will lessen its impact. For this reason, Cheryl W would love to help you get in your best health and boost your immunity to help keep you from getting sick with the virus, or any virus for that matter.

Vitamin C has long been used to help bolster the immune system. It should be a part of your daily diet, but we know so many of us are busy with work and children that we often put our health on the backburner. In addition to keeping your hands clean and refraining from touching your face, you should work on giving your immunity more strength to increase your chances of staying well.

The Cheryl W Radiant Series Mango Collagen is infused with a potent blend of vitamins, including vitamin C that are ideal for your general well-being and healthy maintenance. It serves you inside for good health which will radiate to your skin. Marine collagen and mango also leave skin looking firmer, younger, brighter, and more radiant. Even your eyes will shine brighter with good health from within.

We use a special method to freeze dry our ingredients during production. This allows those special nutrients to retain their strength so they are at full potency when they arrive to you. This refreshing and delicious drink is a wonderful way to infuse your body with exactly what it needs to stay healthy inside and out.

Will our Radiant Series cure COVID-19? No, however, if you take care of your health by eating right and nourishing with this tasty drink, you have a better chance of staying healthy no matter what kind of bacterial, viral, or fungal germs surround you.

At Cheryl W, we are all about getting you in the best health. It’s more than pampering and beautifying, though we think that helps you feel health too. Building your confidence, positivity, and immunity all come from how you care for yourself within. When you start nurturing yourself from inside out as we encourage, you will discover our multi-prong approach to better health no matter what kind of outbreaks there are in our world.

Schedule an appointment with us for flushing out toxins or if you’re short on time, simply come grab our Radiant Series for an immunity boost. It’s easy to mix up and drink even on the go, allowing you to take control of your health in the most delicious of ways!

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