How to feel and look confident instantly?

At Cheryl W, we advocate positive self image, wellness and heathy weight management with a long term lifestyle solution. Customers who share our beliefs are rewarded with long-term and sustainable weight loss without jeopardising their health. This is not a quick fix and it, undoubtedly, requires discipline, patience and time.

While we applaud our customers for understanding that healthy and sustainable weight loss takes time and being patiently onboard with our holistic programmes, we do understand the anxiety to want to look good and feel confident. So how can you achieve that between now and your ideal weight/shape? This month, we are recommending something for our customers that will provide instant sculpting, a confidence booster that complements our wellness programme very well.

Introducing D’Elegance, a home grown luxury shapewear brand founded by a fellow female entreprenuer 14 years ago. Elida Teh founded D’Elegance to create a shapewear that is not only effective, but also comfortable and suitable for our hot climate. Her shapewear are designed to perfectly accentuate the curves of the Asian woman, giving a sensational silhouette instantly.

D’Elegance shapewear are engineered and designed to funnel excess to create a sculpted shape, slimming you up to 1 to 2 inches instantly. They can help a woman to look better and feel more confident by:

  • Instantly and comfortably creating a better proportioned figure for her
  • Encouraging her to adopt a healthier and more poised posture
  • Providing her body with the support it needs even when she’s not actively working out and regardless of her current weight

Read more about the benefits of D’Elegance shapewear and how it can help to correct some common ailments and bad habits too!

Like Cheryl W, D’Elegance believes that for successful and sustainable weight loss, there has be a combination of nutrition, exercising, goal setting and lifestyle/behavior changes.

We are proud to be partnering this like-minded brand to bring you a special promotion for a FREE personal 1-1 consultation and fitting worth $197 where the experienced D’Elegance team will help you understand your body shape and discover the right shapewear to achieve a stunning silhouette. You can also enjoy a 5% off all regular price D’Elegance shapewear items when you quote the discount code CHERYLW2018. Experience first-hand the ‘before’ and ‘after’ effects of wearing D’Elegance shapewear by signing up here.

Feel good on the inside with Cheryl W treatments and look great on the outside with D’Elegance shapewear.  Complement your wellness journey with these shapewear to further sculpt your body.

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