Kick-Start Your Fitness Routine With These 3 Easy Workout Tips


Have you been wanting to pick up on your fitness journey again after a hiatus? Don’t beat yourself up over it – instead, congratulate yourself on wanting to get back in shape again and get right down to it. We are here to help with these great tips that will be sure to ease you right back into a fitness routine, so you don’t have to feel daunted at the prospect of re-starting your resting engine.

Fundamentally, the goal of a holistic fitness routine is to get you into a state of wellness. This naturally includes weight loss, body toning and detoxifying. So, a fitness regime would include aspects that cover exercise, diet and sleep. To read more about eating well, why not check out our blog post earlier this month on great breakfast ideas?

Getting your 8 hours of sleep a night is a crucial component of your fitness regime, so don’t underestimate the importance of sleeping enough. Your body needs the rest to repair itself and recharge for the next day. Plus, you need ample rest so that you can get the most out of your exercise. Exercising when your body is insufficiently rested causes problems such as sub-par performance and an increased risk of injury.

Slotting in detoxing treatments throughout your exercise sessions would be a great way to ensure your circulatory system is in tip-top condition so that toxins will be flushed out efficiently. Do consult with us at Cheryl W on what the most suitable detox treatments are based on your fitness regime 🙂

So, without further ado, here are 3 great tips to incorporate into your workout regime to ease you back into fitness without killing yourself. Remember to gradually increase the intensity of the workout in this order so as to maximise effectiveness!

1) Exercises to increase flexibility
After a long period of living a sedentary lifestyle, the first thing you should do is to focus on exercises that improve your flexibility. Doing so primes your body for the more intense work out you intend to put it through later, as you improve on blood circulation and joint mobility. Reintroducing your body to an exercise regime in this way will help it slowly readjust to the new demands placed on your body and ensure that you don’t injure yourself. Beginner’s yoga is a great way to work on flexibility while relaxing. Such exercises also have the additional benefit of toning the muscles.

2) Light cardiorespiratory
After about 2 weeks of working solely on flexibility, it is time to up the ante by introducing some cardiorespiratory exercises. You may wish to begin with less intense exercises like brisk walking for 20 min, before upping the intensity to longer distances. Cardio exercises aim to really get the blood pumping and endorphins running through your body for an instant mood lift. Other than brisk walking, jogging and running, you can also work on the elliptical machine and cycle to get your cardio workout done.

The upcoming Shape run is a great option for you to work on your cardio. Plus, training with the objective of completing a run, and running with a friend, are both great motivators. Cheryl W is an official sponsor of the run, so see you there! We will be there at our booth with plenty of great freebies for you, so do look out for us! You can also speak with us to find out more about our treatments and purchase drinks and treatment vouchers to pamper yourself after working out at the Shape Run 😉

3) Strength workout
The last aspect to be reintroduced into your routine are the strength-building exercises. By this point (about a month since first beginning), your body would be warmed up and the initial inertia of the previous weeks long gone. You would also have gotten your body up to speed so that it is prepared for the higher intensity of such exercises. This component of your routine seeks to tone and sculpt your muscle tone. Exercises such as squats, lunges, bridges and curls are your best friend and you will do them until they become second nature to you. Up the ante as the weeks go by to keep pushing yourself as your strength naturally increases.

All the best, girls!!

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