Love Your Body in 2020: Here’s How!

Tired of flipping the pages of a magazine to see rail-thin women on every page? Deleted Instagram because everyone looks so perfect? If only you knew what you see is just an illusion created by talented photographers with good lighting and makeup artists who know what they’re doing.

Whether you’ve just had a baby in the last few months or year, or you’ve simply tried it all to fit to a cookie-cutter body size you think everyone loves, you have to break this habit in 2020. What makes us different is what makes us all beautiful in our own ways.

Look at it this way…if everyone grew up to be a doctor, we wouldn’t have police officers, teachers, or anything else. If we’re all the same, where is the individuality? Beauty and body size are the same in this regard.

Here’s how to learn to love your body no matter what size you are!

1. Know that we’re all different

Your goal should be making yourself the healthiest version of your body. If you’re tall, you will always weigh more than your shorter friends. You can’t shrink yourself, and you don’t want to. Go with it, gorgeous! Because being the best version of the person you are is what makes you so beautiful. We’re all different shapes and sizes, and that’s perfectly fine!

2. Speak to yourself with kindness

Yes, that constant commentary in your brain is normal. It might be telling you things like not to forget more laundry detergent at the supermarket. Or it might be telling you that you’re fat or you should look like that model to be pretty. What you need to do is learn to turn off those nasty thoughts. When you hear it, say something positive about yourself. It will take some time, but as you practice this, you will find the negativity ebbs away.

3. Gear into gratitude

It’s too easy to look in the mirror and point out your flaws. Instead, look at your legs and be grateful you have them to walk around in. If you’ve had babies, look at your belly and revel in the miracle that is life. In ancient times, having a baby was dangerous and could have resulted in death during birthing. That we’re alive today is miraculous indeed. Switch to grateful thoughts and you’ll start loving yourself a whole lot more.

4. Focus on your health and fitness

Maybe you want to be 2 sizes or more smaller. But when you put a size or weight on it, any setback can make you fall back into a negative mindset. Instead, do good for your health and fitness so you have a longer, stronger, and more energetic life. The rest will follow naturally.

Need help loving yourself? At Cheryl W, we have treatments that are not only designed to pamper and beautify but also build your confidence and positivity. Health and wellness are a multi-prong approach and we want to help you discover how to love your body in 2020. Call us today to schedule a treatment that brings your mind and body into perfect harmony!

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