Stay Home Survival Guide by Cheryl Wee

Hey guys!!

How’s your circuit breaker coming along? This whole thing is nothing like we’ve experienced before, so I thought of checking in with you guys. Simple as it might sound, in order to stay home and work from home, there are major adjustments to be made as we try our best to settle into this new routine and lifestyle. Some common challenges I’ve heard are:

“I’ve no time to cook!”

“It’s even more stressful than working!”

“I am going crazy juggling my kid’s Home Based Learning and all my conference calls!”

“There is no knock off time anymore. I sleep so late every night!”

In all honesty, I relate to all of the above too and I needed some time to settle in and adjust. There are days when I would be swamped with back-to-back online meetings or concalls happening at the same time, while handling a crying baby and an attention-seeking toddler. A common background noise during my calls would be “Mommy, Mommy, play with me!”

I wouldn’t say I’ve nailed this new arrangement yet, but there are some ways that have helped me to be productive and to stay sane. Here’s my simple Stay Home Survival Guide that I’ll like to share with you and hope these tips come in handy!

 1. Prioritising

Even before this circuit breaker started, I’ve always find that penning down a To Do List in order of urgency and priority helps a lot to keep me on track to tackling things that need to be tackled first. The last thing we want is to tire ourselves out by attending to things that are not overtly important or urgent, leaving us with little energy or bandwidth to address those that are really pressing.

So what are my priorities?

For me, top on the list is my kids’ day-to-day needs. This is especially important, as I do not have a helper anymore, so I am their cook, their play master, their disciplinarian all rolled into one! Thank goodness Roy is home to share this responsibility with me!

Next on my list is my other baby – Cheryl W. I’m taking full advantage of this circuit breaker to clear my headspace and line up what needs to be done when we can be operational again. There are also a lot of things that need to be ramped up especially during this closure – such as keeping in touch with my staff and upgrading their training with online learning and other courses, as well as working on accelerating the brand’s online presence and creating content that are relevant during this climate.

Then, I asked myself what do I want to achieve at the end of this period? On a personal note, I want to get going with my lactation counselor course and cover some master classes for personal development and growth.

So the key is, before you start on anything, pen it down on what you’ll need and like to achieve during this time. Then draw up a weekly and daily schedule to smash through your to-do list.

2. Don’t forget about yourself

It is ever so important to take care of yourself first so that you can be in the right state to care for your family. Carve out specific me-time every day and commit to having that time alone to balance yourself out.

I like to start mine with a shower before I start off my day. Having that quick 10 minutes alone helps to set the intention for the day. To wind down once everything is done and dusted, with the kids in bed, I’ll have another 15 to 30 minutes to myself, doing something that is relaxing and enjoyable, such as reading, reflecting on the day or just chilling out to Netflix.

3. Stay active

Exercising must be the last thing on most people’s minds right now amidst the craziness, but trust me, a quick workout does wonders to release your endorphins and lift your mood. Try to do it at the start of the day so that the adrenaline can push you through the day. If not, just squeezing whatever time you have during the day to break a sweat helps regardless.

I can’t commit to exercising every day for now as I’m the caregiver for young kids, while running a full time business. But I make a point to squeeze in 20 minutes of exercise at least twice a week and a 10-minute workout at least once a week. Even a 5-minute workout if you are really stretched for time helps! Just make sure you do it regularly to form a habit and your mind and body will thank you for it, especially during these days when we will inevitably consume more than we burn. I feel that starting Monday with a quick workout is amazing as it helps me set the tone right for the week ahead.

Join us on Cheryl W Instagram every Wednesday and Sunday as we dish out simple workouts that can keep your heart and metabolic rate fired up.

4. Eat and cook simply

I’m thankful for our delivery heroes who continue to send food to us since eating out is not an option anymore. The temptation of ordering comfort food to make us feel better is so real – I am guilty of ordering bubble teas and ice creams! It is ok to indulge and snack – don’t be too hard on yourself! Just make sure you do so in moderation and keep exercising so you don’t end up with excess weight and sluggishness that will be hard to shake off when the circuit breaker ends.

For a few times a week, try to cook simple meals so that you can continue to nourish you and your family with fresh and healthy ingredients. This is especially important during this time, as our bodies need our help to be healthy and strong.

I always start my day with a veggie smoothie in the morning and I’ll add a dose of Cheryl W Mango Collagen or Ignite Arabica Espresso for an extra boost. If I’m still hungry, I’ll cook a simple breakfast of boiled eggs or stir-fry vegetables 30 minutes later.

Lunch is always a treat, as my mom will cook and she is one amazing cook! I have to make sure not to overeat whenever she is cooking.

In the late afternoon when I get peckish, my go-to snacks are always nuts and berries. Stock up a good variety of nuts, berries and fruits so that they are easily accessible when you need a munchie.

Dinner is always a challenge as I’m usually quite drained to cook so simple one-pot meals, like chicken soup and rice, or some really easy to make recipes like cauliflower rice and grilled chicken, are godsend – simple nutritious meals for both kids and adults.

I’ll be sharing more easy to make recipes on Cheryl W Instagram every Thursday and please feel free to share any recipes that work for you – I’m always grateful for new meals ideas!

Eating well is so important to feeling good so let’s make sure we keep loving our body by feeding it well.

5. Be kind to yourself

Remember that everyone is in the same boat. Let’s take things one step at a time, one day at a time. Be kind and gentle to yourself and those around you. The whole world is fighting this together and trying to make sense of it.

In the meantime, I’m with you guys and I understand that we are all going through different challenges. Let’s get back to basics, enjoy our family time and nail this circuit breaker! Stay positive, as I’m sure we will all come out of this with valuable lessons and newfound strength. Stay indoors and keep healthy!

Lots of love,


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