Treat Yourself by Joining in the Celebration for National Wellness Month

Some people call it ‘August,’ but we call it National Wellness Month. While we should always focus on our health and wellness every day, we love the idea of devoting a month to indulging in personal wellness and self-care. How can you make August all about your wellness? We’ve got some tips for you to help you feel even more fabulous inside and out!

Make a point to drink more water

Water helps move essential nutrients around our bodies and keeps us in good health. It flushes out toxins and restores hydration too. If you’ve been slacking on getting enough water, fill up your cup more often to celebrate National Wellness Month!

Get some exercise

Don’t let your gym membership collect dust! Put it to good use! Or you can always jump in for a swim to beat the heat. Getting moving has so many benefits for your body, from better weight management to stronger muscles so hop to it!

Try new techniques for stress management

We often forget that our minds require wellness too. Try fighting away stress, which can harm your physical health, by practicing deep breathing techniques. Meditation is also another way to clear and restore the mind and feel well all over.

Make more effort on avoiding sugar

Find other ways to treat yourself to something tasty than loading up on sugary foods and drinks. There are hidden sugars everywhere so start reading labels more carefully. Just because you’re not spooning sugar into your morning coffee or eating chocolate bars doesn’t mean you’re not getting sugar. Say ‘yes’ to wellness by saying ‘no’ to refined sugar!

Get a massage

Many women make the mistake of thinking that a massage is a special treat, but we think it’s a necessity. It helps work through overworked muscles plus it releases stress and tension while boosting circulation through the body. Having massages helps your body heal and function at its best.

Take a break

When you feel like you’re running yourself ragged, stop and take a break. The world won’t end if you just take time out for nurturing yourself. Take a walk among the trees, sit by the water, or just find some way to halt everything, even for just a few minutes a day. It will do wonders for your wellness.

Indulge in a treatment

And finally, we think that it’s time you stop by Cheryl W and enjoy a wellness treatment to help restore your body and reconnect with your mind. While any time is the perfect time to indulge your wellness, you really shouldn’t miss out on doing so during National Wellness Month. Make an appointment for a special treatment today!

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