Wellness for One: How to Put Yourself in Focus

Is work running you ragged again? Has another bad date left you feeling jaded? The answer is always putting the focus back on yourself to maintain your best health. Wondering how to be the best version of yourself? Here are some ways to get into your wellness!

Make time for fitness

Exercise is one of the best ways to bust stress from your day-to-day. Get your friends to go with you to a class at the gym, or go alone and see what the possibilities bring. Not a fan of the gym? Take your workout outdoors and enjoy the lush foliage. It will tie you back with nature too, which will always bring you back to yourself.

Balance your meals

Don’t let work meetings and deadlines stop you from eating right. It’s tempting to shovel down unhealthy convenience foods, but the best foods are whole and fresh. Add more fresh vegetables and fruits to your daily intake and you’ll start feeling a whole lot better from the inside out.

Drink that water

Water helps clear away toxins and hydrate our bodies. It also helps keep you from eating when you’re not hungry. Mindless snacking can really take a toll!

Practice mindfulness

Meditation has been shown to reduce stress, control anxiety, strengthen attention span, and promote better mental and emotional health overall. The mind is a powerful tool and when you use it for meditation, it rewards you with a better, refreshed sense of self. It’s like hitting the ‘reset’ button and reinstalling your confidence.

Keep good company

Life is too short to waste on people that drain your positive energy and leave you with negativity. Spend time with people who help you fill your cup with joy. Good friends and family can help you laugh and smile, something that will instantly bring you pleasure.

Treat yourself

While it’s fine to treat yourself on occasion to something special, like a slice of decadent cake, one of the best treats is to spoil yourself with wellness. At Cheryl W, we help you pamper yourself in the healthiest of ways. Our treatments go beyond typical relaxing massages. They go full circle to incorporate detoxing, flushing, and unwinding all in one comprehensive plan that’s unlike anything else.

Schedule an appointment today and treat yourself the way you deserve. When your wellness is in proper order, everything else in your life will flow evenly. Too busy with work and other commitments? Then be sure to grab our Wellness Drinks to give you a healthy dose of daily energy and nutrients that will help you power through even the most hectic days!

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