Woman of the Month | Episode 1 | Cheryl Wee

To celebrate International Women’s Day and Cheryl W’s renewed dedication to celebrate women, we’re launching Woman of the Month, an empowering series to embrace women from all walks of life. Every month, we invite an inspiring lady to have a candid chat with Cheryl as they share with each other real life experiences and challenges and how to overcome and deal with life’s hurdles.

Woman of the Month aims to connect and build a community and provide an educational and self-improvement platform that promotes body positivity, woman empowerment, motherhood and mental wellness. We hope that from this sharing, we will learn to stop comparing ourselves with others, embrace our imperfections and perfections, love our curves or the lack of it and celebrate our unique individuality.

Please do drop us a comment if you would like to nominate someone you know to be on this series. We’ll love to hear from you!

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