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Often in life, very real challenges pop up without warning. But it is also the very genuine problems that lead to inspiration. Postnatal blues and depression are very real, so are concerns with harmful chemicals from inhaling aerosol from sprays that may harm the little ones. Throw in a hectic work schedule and at times – the insecurity of not feeling good enough and not looking good enough – cumulates to a search for daily calmness and serenity.

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Cheryl Wee

Prenatal Yoga Lesson

Part 1 – Squats

Part 2 – Punches

Part 3 – Backstretch

Part 4 – Ball Passing

Part 5 – Leg Rest

Pregnancy Journey

Hair Loss

Best and Worst Part About Pregnancy

Behind the Scenes Day 1

Behind the Scenes Day 2

Post Natal Weight Management

Bust Treatment

Breast Milk Supply

Post Natal Challenges

Life After Baby

The Essentials

The Essentials and Fashion Tips

Bonding With Your Baby

Pregnancy Sharing Session

Getting Back in Shape

One Advice

Body Changes

Dealing with Cravings


The Philosophy Behind Cheryl W

Behind Cheryl W (Part 1)

Behind Cheryl W (Part 2)

Behind Cheryl W (Part 3)

Behind Cheryl W (Part 4)

Weight Confession

Cheryl W – Weight Confession

Weight Confession (Part 1)

Weight Confession (Part 2)

Weight Confession (Part 3

Weight Confession (Part 4)

Fragrance Sprays

Cheryl W Fragrance Sprays (Teaser)

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