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The results after each session were instant, and were maintained throughout the month long program. The program focuses on detoxifying the body and boosting metabolism. This meant my body was better able to absorb vital nutrients and weight loss was gradual but constant.
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Elizabeth Boon, Influencer @elizabethboon

Thank you @cherylwofficial the mummy tummy trim really working its magic on me.

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Bong Qiu Qiu, Influencer @bongqiuqiu

After 5 to 6 days, i can see the difference. And the best part is i can eat normal amount but i don’t see my belly becomes big or bloated after that. It’s only today after the treatment, i feel that my body feels a lot lighter.

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Athena Miao, Cheryl W Customer

They measured my weight again and I loss 700 grams just by sweating everything out. I know it is just water weight but its good that the water gets excreted out too because sometimes my body tends to retain the water and it makes me look very bloated. Losing water weight is not a bad thing. It is actually good start to kick off your weight loss journey towards a healthier body.

Deenise, Influencer

Ytd’s post detox session @cherylwofficial at Ngee Ann City which consisted of steam room, sea salt scrub, point massage for lymphatic detox, mask & a wellness drink. Recommended if you need a good detox programme for some me time or if you feel tired/sickly due to unhealthy and/or stressful lifestyle! Thanks Cheryl W for the session, great staff service(look for Jacqueline Tan) and lovely interiors.

Ena Teo, Beauty Influencer @ena_teo

Thank you @cherylwofficial for the detox session!

Sylvia Chan, Youtuber @sylsylnoc

I felt that this is a good option for regular body maintenance. The amount of junk food we eat and the externalities in the environment all contribute to the damage to our body, so it really needs the maintenance. Nonetheless, such treatments require dedication and do not expect results just after one treatment. Dedication will show you results over time.

Celine Chiam, Influencer @chiamhuiyi

My favourite so far is the Acupressure Lymphatic Activation Massage, Thermal Blanket which really works well on days when my water-retention is just crazy and the Customised Fat Buster Treatment which is warm and nice but right after, you feel as if you just finished a serious work out!

Peggy Chang, Influencer & Cafe Owner @sixpegs

I just gave birth 8 months ago and i thought i could quite easily lose the weight after giving birth by exercising. And i realise the weight is not dropping. I decided that maybe i need extra help. That’s why i came to Cheryl W to try out the Royal Flush Treatment and Fat Freeze. And i think it’s beginning to help. I can see my clothes fitting better and my flaps are starting to tighten up.

Juliet Tan, Content Marketing Director

I tried working out, running, yoga and stuff like that. But it wasn’t really working out for me. So i gave Cheryl W a try, i did the Multipolar and Signature Flush and it was very effective. I actually did see improvements and changes within 2 to 3 weeks.

Vanassa, Influencer @vanessaxlim

Seeking for a place to unwind while losing some weight via detoxing sounds like a dream come true! I had the chance to try out @cherylwofficial Signature Royal Body Flush. On my first session I lost 300g immediately and after my second session, I lost another 200g! It was a great unwinding and me-time session and I feel more refreshed too after the steam bath and massage.

Sharon Chia, Influencer @sharonachia