Traditional women’s healthy drinks weren’t doing us any favors, so we made one that will.


Traceable Nutrients


Vegan Friendly

No Artificial Colorants or Synthetic Fillers

Debunking myth about women’s wellness

People everywhere, and women in particular, have been subject to incredible pressure over their bodies, Body image describes our perceptions and attitudes towards our physical appearance. Those times you have looked down at yourself and thought “big thighs” or “nice calves” are all part of your body image; your personal perception of what you look like and how you feel about your body. What is interesting, but not at all surprising, is that our own experiences or thoughts are more powerful than other people’s opinions of us. Our body image changes depending on our mood, whether we’ve exercised, and how we judge ourselves against some ideal or standard. Although others are more objective, what we see in the mirror, distorted or not, is uppermost in our mind. Despite reassurances from our friends, family or partners, we often do not believe them.

Here at Cheryl W, we aim to promote positive wellness & weight management lifestyle through our range of products, services and platform.
Ignite: Coffee Bundle (Caramel Macchiato & Long Black)
Ignite: Matcha Latte Body Scrub & Morning Call Tea Bundle
Hello Sunshine Spray & No More Baby Blues Set


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Cheryl W Fragrance Sprays

Often in life, very real challenges pop up without warning. But it is also the very genuine problems that lead to inspiration. Postnatal blues and depression are very real, so are concerns with harmful chemicals from inhaling aerosol from sprays that may harm the little ones. Throw in a hectic work schedule and at times – the insecurity of not feeling good enough and not looking good enough – cumulates to a search for daily calmness and serenity.

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